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Exclusive Colocation Services

We offer a wide-array of colocation solutions that are designed to meet the very diverse requirements of clients and industries around the globe. Whether you desire to place your single server in a premium facility to maximize uptime, or need a customized 20 cabinet suite for your infrastructure, please contact us today with your requirements.

All colocation packages are designed with a client's current and future requirements in mind. All standard colocation offerings come with support and DDoS-Protected network services at no additional cost. Please contact our sales department for more details.

Services Offered

  • Single-server space (1-5U)
  • Secure half-cabinets (20U)
  • Secure full-cabinets (42-47U)
  • DDoS-Protection & Filtration
  • Redundant Power Solutions
  • Multiple Uplinks
  • Geographic Load Balancing
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Allocations & Announcements
  • Cross-connections
  • Remote Hand Services
  • Bandwidth Graphs and Availability Monitors
  • Locking Suites with Biometrics
  • Customized SLA
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions

Los Angeles Colocation

West Coast, USA Facility

from $79/ mo.
  • DDoS-Protected Bandwidth
  • Support Services Included
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA
  • Fully Customizable

Facilities Around The Globe

Through direct and partnership channels we offer services in over 70 facilities around the globe, including all of the major traffic exchange and peering points.

Network Optimization

Network services are provided through multi-homed upstreams to provide maximize availability. Carriers in each location have been carefully chosen for ideal traffic performance and assurance of optimzied routing and bandwidth throughput.

Personalized Support

All colocation packages come with 24x7x365 support with customization available to ensure that service levels meet your requirements.

Premium PnZNetwork

Colocations services that use our network receive a 99.99% uptime SLA. Additionally, customized SLAs are available to meet business requirements.

Secure Data Centers

Our IDC facilities adhere to the best practice standards and are available to meet client specified requirements (PCI, HIPAA, DSS, SSAE, and more).

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We will happily provide you with a thoughtfully crafted and easy to review quote with a competitive non-haggle price. Please contact us today with your requirements.

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